Free End Table Plans
Includes a Kreg Drawer
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The drawer in these free end table plans can be built by a woodworking beginner.

These free end table plans include instructions, photographs and Sketchup diagrams for how to build a Kreg drawer.

The exact dimensions of each piece needed to make the drawer is included in the SketchUp PDF at the bottom of the page.

Page 1 shows you how to cut out
 and drill the pocket holes
 in these Kreg table plans.

Page 2 shows you show
 to assemble these
 free end table plans
 using a simple spacing jig.

The furniture plans PDF,
 which includes SketchUp diagrams
 for building a Kreg drawer is complete.
The link is at the bottom of this page.

Kreg Micro jig is great for building face frames and drawers.

Because we used 1/2" plywood for the drawer box, we also used the Kreg Micro Pocket Drill Guide. With the smaller holes and the smaller pocket hole screws, there is less chance of splitting the wood.

If you do not have the Micro Jig, you may build the drawers with 3/4" plywood using your regular pocket hole jig. The important thing is to keep the outside dimensions the same so that the drawer will slide into the space already created in your wooden end table.

Check out our "How To Build Drawers" where 3/4" plywood was used.

Smaller pocket hole screws are needed when using the Kreg Micro jig.

You will only need 18 of these Kreg Micro Jig screws for the construction of this Kreg drawer and the drawer guide in these free end table plans.

Both the drawer front and back have pocket holes drilled at each end.

The front and back pieces for the drawer box are identical. Each has 2 pocket holes on each end.

The drawer box is complete and ready to attach the drawer front and knob.

These free drawer plans have the pocket hole screws on the outside of the drawer box, both front and back, giving you a smooth drawer interior. The pocket hole screws on the front of the box will be covered by the drawer front. The ones on the back will be hidden when the drawer is slid into the wooden end table.

The drawer front is attached with regular wood screws.

Once your drawer box is created, you will use 2 regular size wood screws to attach the drawer front. The position of these screws needs to avoid the pocket hole screws on each end, as well as the location of the drawer knob or pull you plan to add to this Kreg drawer.

The drawer for these free drawer plans is now complete.

Drawer supports are added to the end table plans.

Your next step is to add the drawer supports so that your drawer will stay straight when inserted into the table.

The drawer supports are each made of 2 pieces.  The dimensions and locations of the pocket holes for the drawer guides are shown in the furniture plans PDF.  This is a free download at the link at the bottom of the page.

A pair of matching end tables that are ready to finish.

You have now completed these free end table plans. Are you ready to make another, so that you have a matching pair?

This pair of end tables was finished to a customer's specifications.

This set of Shaker end tables was made and finished for a customer.

Click here or
on the SketchUp diagram
to go to the
furniture plans PDF
for this wooden end table.

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