Free Easy Woodworking
Plans That Will Be
Completed Soon!

We have several free easy woodworking plans in development right now. Again, our focus is creating Kreg plans for the beginner woodworker. Here, you can learn how to build a table, or a step stool, or a cabinet. Visit us again to see how these plans are progressing!

This Shaker wall shelf plan is only 24

We are Working on the Plans for This Highback Shaker Wall Shelf.

We are in the process of completing the woodworking plan PDF free download for this highback Shaker wall shelf. The web page for this free, easy, woodworking plan has been created, but is not yet completed.

If you would like to see
the progress we have made
on these wall shelf plans,
please click here or on the photo.

Our plans for this Shaker wall shelf are only 24" wide, but you could make this shelf the width that would best fit your wall space.

Teach kids to love woodworking with these very simple, and free wall shelf plans.

The Plans for this Narrow Wall Shelf Will Be Completed Soon.

Watch for this very simple wall shelf plan!  It only has 5 pieces and all are from standard size lumber.  It is very simple and inexpensive to build!

This would be a great project to teach kids how to use the Kreg pocket hole jig!

This wall shelf is very narrow - only 3 1/2" wide - , and was designed to hang on the wall behind a door.  We are excited to show you the possibilities for creating storage, using several of these wall shelves, in that otherwise unused space.  However, this shelf will work on any wall!

We are Developing the Kreg Plans for a Vermont Entry Bench with Drawers.

We are just starting on this wooden bench plan, but are excited at how well it is turning out! Hopefully, we will have a photo to add soon, so you can start thinking about how this beginner woodworking project would fit in your home.

We Are Also Working on Kreg Project Plans for a Shaker Wall Shelf with Drawers.

Another Shaker wall shelf plan is in the SketchUp stage.  This Kreg plan will be a little more difficult as it incorporates a couple of drawers.

Check out the construction
 of this Kreg plans Shaker arched bench.

Leave free easy woodworking plans
 to learn how to build
 a set of free bookshelf plans for the bathroom.

Check out our wall shelf plans
 that are already completed.

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