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Free Cabinet Plans That Are Built With the Kreg Jig

Kreg cabinet plans are for a rolling kitchen cabinet.

Free Cabinet Plans for a Rolling Cabinet!

Ben's customer has given rave reviews for this rolling kitchen cabinet with a drawer. Sometimes you only need a few more inches of counter space to make your kitchen handier. This rolling cabinet provides more counter space AND more storage space, and does it beautifully!

Ben used solid pine and a solid pine panel with these free wood project plans. He also backed this cabinet, both inside and out, with bead board. With open space for display, closed space for storage, and a drawer for smaller items, this pocket hole cabinet is very versatile.

Click on the photo to check out these cabinet making plans for free. You will find step-by-step instructions, numerous photos, and comprehensive Google SketchUp diagrams. We want you to succeed with each of our free wood project plans!!

This DVD is also a part of the KREG JIG - DELUXE 4 PACK DVD'S. All 4 cost about $35.

Free Kreg plans for an onion cupboard

We Have Free Cabinet Plans for This Onion Cupboard!

This onion cupboard will add dry storage space. It's Shaker style produces a quaint, but practical solution for any kitchen.

These free wood project plans can be built in 1 week-end with your Kreg jig. There are only 7 pieces of wood that need to be joined together. Print out our woodworking pdf for these free cabinet plans.

The project would also make a great gift! Click on the photo to see the step-by-step instructions, plus numerous photos for these free cabinet plans.

Ana White plans included in her book, 'The Handbuilt Home'.

Below we show many of the free Kreg plans that we have available. Scroll down to pick the ones that work for you.

But, we also want you to know about the latest from Ana White, who has made a career of designing Kreg jig plans. In the fall of 2012 her book The Handbuilt Home: 34 Simple Stylish and Budget-Friendly Woodworking Projects for Every Room was published. Included in the book is a plan for bathroom wall storage, and a plan for a hutch.

The cost is $13-22. Even if you only use one plan out of the 34 included in the book, the purchase price will be well worth it!

This rolling kitchen cabinet plan is for woodworking beginners using the Kreg jig.

Build This Rolling Kitchen Cabinet Plan Using Your Kreg Jig.

As a woodworking beginner, you can build this rolling kitchen cabinet for about $50. Using our cabinet making plans for free, a few tools, including your Kreg jig, you can add significant storage for your kitchen.

Click on the photo to go directly to this free cabinet plans page.

Kreg plans for basic wall cabinet.

The Kreg Plans for this Wall Cabinet are from the Kreg Tool Company.

This is a great project to learn about the use of the pocket hole joint. This wall cabinet was designed for use in the shop, so does not have to be perfect to have a durable and practical result. When it is completed, you will have made an excellent storage space.

A click on the photo will take you to these free Kreg jig plans.

These free cabinet plans are for a very basic wall cabinet. The DVD in the next section will help you learn how to make cabinets suitable for your kitchen or bathroom.

Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets with This Kreg Jig DVD!

It seems like there is so much to think about when building cabinets. This Kreg DVD, "Pocket Hole Solution to Cabinet Making", will answer many of your questions. We highly recommend this Kreg Tools DVD for anyone considering building their own cabinets.

The cost is less than $10, and if it helps you avoid even one mistake, it will be well worth the purchase price! Drawer box plans for use with the Kreg jig.

Build a Drawer for the Free Kreg Wall Cabinet!

We took out the basket from the above cabinet and replaced it with a drawer. This drawer was made with 1/2" plywood and the Kreg Micro Jig shown below. From cutting the pieces through final assembly was about 1 hour. The home owner was very pleased with the convenience of the added drawer. This drawer is not fancy, so it is a great practice piece for woodworking beginners.

If you do not have have the Kreg micro jig, we encourage you to use 3/4" thick material. You will experience a lot less frustration! Our hope always is that you will be encouraged to build much more with our free wood project plans!

Click on the photo to see how drawer box construction is easily accomplished with both the regular Kreg jig and the Kreg micro jig.

Building your own drawer boxes with the Kreg jig is easy.

Learn How To Build Drawers with our Kreg Jig Plans!

This page in our Kreg Cabinets section takes you step by step with photos, so that you will be confident that you can build your own drawer boxes.

This particular drawer was a replacement for a broken cabinet drawer. 3/4" thick material was used. With the heavier material, and the strength of pocket hole joinery, this new drawer will last for many years of daily use.

Most drawers are built with 1/2" thick material. We will show you how that works, too, but encourage you to start with 3/4" wood or plywood. Make that first drawer-making experience a good one! Then you will know how doable drawer box construction is with your Kreg jig.

The micro jig from Kreg Tools is great for making pocket hole cabinets.

Learn More About The Advantages of the Kreg Micro Pocket Jig to Build Your Cabinet Face Frames.

This convenient, little pocket hole jig, is a wonderful addition to the Kreg Tools line of pocket hole jigs. If you have experienced splitting, especially with hardwoods, when making face frames, you will appreciate just how great the Kreg KJMICRODGB Jig Micro Drill Guide System is.

Click on the photo to see the instructions for the Kreg Micro Jig, and learn more about specially sized pocket hole screws and the pocket hole plugs, used with this smaller Kreg jig.

These cabinet making plans plan are on the Kreg jig plans CD.

The Kreg PCD Pocket Hole Plan CD has this pocket hole cabinet making plan.

It is on our to-do list to review and summarize this plan, but if you can't wait for us to do that, you may purchase the CD with all 15 Kreg plans.

Base cabinet making plans especially for the Kreg jig.

This base cabinet is one of the great Kreg plans included in the Danny Proulx The Pocket Hole Drilling Jig Project Book (Popular Woodworking) !

NOTE: This project is not free. The cost of the book is between $8-17.

We did a Kreg jig review of each of the Kreg plans in the Danny Proulx book. Click on the photo to read about this base cabinet making plan.

Base cabinet making plan for a corner cabinet.

This display and base cabinet are also Kreg plans included in the Danny Proulx The Pocket Hole Drilling Jig Project Book (Popular Woodworking) .

NOTE: This project is not free. You have to buy the book, which cost can vary from $8-17.

2ND NOTE: This is not a woodworking beginner project!

We did a Kreg jig review of each of the pocket jig projects in the Danny Proulx book. Click on the photo to read about this "fancy" (our term) pocket hole cabinet making plan.

Either of the cabinet plans in this book would make the cost of the book worthwhile. Danny Proulx's projects show all types of pocket hole joinery, and that makes the book very worthwhile, too.

Danny Proulx has written many more woodworking books, including several about building cabinets. With Popular Woodworking as the publisher, you know they are excellent resources.

Go from 'Free Cabinet Plans' to see all of our free wood project plans.

To see the free Kreg jig plans from Kreg Tool Company. click here.

If you need more storage space, check out the free kreg jig plans for bookshelves.

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