Assemble These Free Bookshelf Plans Using the Pocket Hole Jig and A Simple, Spacing Jig

Now that all of the pieces of these free bookshelf plans have been cut out and sanded, it is time to assemble your Kreg plans bookcase. With the use of the pocket hole jig, AND a simple spacing jig, construction can easily be done by a woodworking beginner!

Step Five.

Set up your step drill bit and your Kreg pocket hole jig for 3/4 of an inch.

If you can't remember how to do that, review
'Setting up Your Kreg Pocket Hole Jig.'

Put one shelf in your pocket hole jig so that the poorer side - the side you marked with an X - is facing you. Drill one pocket hole in the center of that end. Drill 2 more pocket holes about 1 1/2 inches - does not need to be exact - from each side.

Normally, the pocket holes do not need to be in exact locations, which is one of the reasons this type of joinery is great for the woodworking beginner.

Flip the board over to drill the same 3 holes on the other end. When finished the bottom of each of your 3 shelves needed for these Kreg plans should have 6 holes just like the one in the photo.

Step Six

You are now ready to assemble these free bookshelf plans. The top shelf will go in first, and is the hardest to do. In Step 3 you had marked where the top shelf will go.

To make it easier, we broke down and bought some bar clamps. If you don't have bar clamps, though, it would be helpful to have somebody hold the pieces from these free wood project plans for you.

Clamp a piece of scrap wood along the top side of your line. Place your top shelf flush with the front and back of your side pieces. Clamp another piece of scrap wood to the side piece, but flush with the bottom of the top shelf. Check that all is square. When it's square drive the kreg pocket hole screws into that end of your shelf.

Repeat for the other side of your top shelf.

Step Seven

Before you attach the 2nd and 3rd shelves to your Kreg plans bookshelf, make a 9 1/4 spacing jig out of a piece of scrap wood.

Line the spacer under your top shelf on one side. Clamp it in place. Put your second shelf under the spacer and flush with the front and back of the sides. Clamp another piece of scrap wood to the side under the shelf. Your second shelf should now be held securely in place for you to drive your Kreg pocket hole screws.

Repeat with the other side of your second shelf, and with both sides of your third shelf.

Step Eight.

Your Kreg plans bookshelf is fully assembled, and ready for you to finish.

Complete in One Weekend

These free wood project plans can be completed in one week-end plus one more evening:

  • on Friday evening, spend the time at the lumberyard to pick out the right boards;
  • on Saturday, cut the wood, sand it, and apply the MinWax wood conditioner;
  • on Sunday, stain, let it dry, and then add your first coat of polyurethane; and
  • in an evening, lightly sand, and add your second coat of polyurethane.

May the completion of these free bookshelf plans
spur you on to tackle more of our free wood project plans!

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