5 Free Bookcase Plans Especially for the
Woodworking Beginner!

Check out these five free bookcase plans. They have been specially designed for beginner woodworkers using the Kreg jig.  When assembled you will find each one of these wood bookcases very durable, practical and beautiful.

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Free Wood Project Plans from the Kreg Tool Company for a Bookcase.

We made both an oak, stained version, and a painted version of these free bookcase plans. And we enjoy them both! When you finish yours, why not send us a photo? We will share your story with our visitors. To go this Kreg plans page, click on the photo or on this link.

You can Build this Tall Bookcase with Your Kreg Jig.

The "Jeff Devlin Inspired Bookcase Plan" provides a lot of storage space.  Although larger than most Kreg jig beginner projects, standing 5' tall, it is still a piece that can be built by a woodworking beginner.

(Photo courtesy of Kreg Tool Company, and is subject to copyright protection.)

Small Footprint Free Bookcase Plans

With its shallow shelves this small wood bookcase will find many uses in your home or office. It is a perfect shelf to:

  • display your collectibles;
  • to keep items handy in the bathroom;
  • or to organize your CDs, DVDs, and Blue-Rays.

You will probably find more uses for it, too. To get your copy of these small bookcase plans, just click here on the photo.

Free Wood Project Plans for the "One Day"  Bookshelf.

These Kreg bookcase plans can be built in one day! Build a sturdy, fixed shelf bookcase for yourself or for a gift. Several family members laid claim to ours as soon as it was done. It is made from solid pine, and is a very pleasing, as well as practical, piece.

Bookcases from these Kreg plans are now being used in the living room, bedroom, office and dining room. You will probably find more uses for it, too.

A click here on the photo will take you to these book shelf plans.

Free Bookshelf Project for the Bathroom.

These free wood project plans give you extra storage and display space in your bathroom. We put our Kreg bookcase in a friend's bathroom to take photos of the finished project. It looked so great, the homeowner declared that it could just stay there. And, so it did. To check out these woodworking beginner plans, click on this link on the photo.

Variations on the Bookcase Theme.

One of the advantages of making these small bookshelf plans is that you can vary the size of each Kreg bookcase to fit your space. We even made them to fit in small spaces for RVs.

Click here, or on the photo, to see some of the variations Ben has made.

Check out our Kreg plans for step stools.

Go from 'Free Bookcase Plans' to see other woodworking beginner plans we have created

Check out the free wood project plans from Kreg Tools.

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