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Because of Tight Spaces, Assembly Must Start with Roof!

This free bird house plan is a little bit tricky to assemble.  The roof must be attached first, then the sides, then the bottom.

Because of the tight spaces under the roof, you will need a right angle drill attachment, and a shorter #2 square bit driver.  With those two extra tools, the bluebird house goes together nicely!  The photos below will show you how.

Page 1 Shows You How to Cut and Prepare the Pieces of This Free Blue Bird House Plan.

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The First Step in Assembly is To Attach Top Front to Roof.

You had marked where this piece would line up when you marked the inside of the roof earlier.

The crucial factor here is to put the point of the top piece on the beveled edge.

The Next Step is to Attach The Back to That Same Roof Piece.

The Kreg right angle clamp is very handy.  It made alignment of the 2 pieces much easier.

Whenever possible, I also used the Kreg Face clamp to hold the pieces to the workbench.  When that wasn't wide enough I used a bar clamp.

Attaching the 2nd Roof Piece Requires the Extra Tools.

This step is a mite tricky because there is not enough room to drive the pocket hole screws as you normally would.

I used a DeWalt right angle attachment for my drill.  Even with the attachment, when I tried to drive the pocket hole screw, it turned out there wasn't enough room for the 6" Kreg driver either.

And I didn't have a 3" one, so another trip to the hardware store to get the 3 1/2" #2 square driver bit.  That worked great!

You Will Use the Right Angle Attachment for One Screw in the Back, too.

You only need this attachment, and the 3 1/2" #2 square driver bit to drive 2 pocket hole screws:  the one at the top of the front; and the one at the top of the back.

Next Step is to Attach The Sides to the Back.

After attaching the roof, this step is simple.  You just have to set the bird house on a couple of 2x4s pieces, clamp each side in place, and drive the pocket hole screws.

Attach the Floor to the Back.

You earlier marked all the pieces with the position of the floor, so lining it up inside the nesting box is now easy.

As you can see, the Kreg right angle clamp (Affiliate link), also makes this step easy.

Attach Floor to Sides.

This step, too, is very easy.  I lined it up along one corner of the workbench, so that the roof hung over the edge.

With both the Kreg face clamp and the Kreg right angle clamp, driving the pocket holes screws went very fast.

The Next Step is to Attach the Door.

The pivot holes on each side are 1/2" from bottom, and 3/8" from front of side piece.

I clamped the front door in place, and drilled from side into front on both side.  The pivot screws (weather-resistant wood screws) lined up well.

Attach the Predator Guard To Front.

Use some more of the weather-resistant wood screws to attach the predator guard to the front.

Drill Hole for Closure of Front Door.

I drilled a slightly angled downward hole from the side into the front door to hold a pin to keep the bird house closed.

For the pin, I used a stainless steel (so it wouldn't rust) screw.

Caulk Center of Roof and Attach Last Piece.

I used the weather resistant wood screws to attach the top piece.

The Blue Bird House is Complete!

The bird house is complete!  I painted the roof pieces before I attached them.  They were scuffed up a bit in the assembly process, but it was much easier to touch up the paint that to paint it all after assembly.

All the advice I received was to keep it natural looking or to use a dull colored paint.  The strongest advice was not to paint it white!

The bluebirds are not attracted to a brightly colored home!

The last step I used in finishing was to apply linseed oil to the wood that wasn't painted.

Download The PDF for This Free Blue Bird House Plan.

Your free copy of this woodworking plan PDF is available at this link.

Or you may click on the drawing on the right to download it.

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This is a Simpler Bluebird House Plan.

This free blue bird house plan has all straight cuts.  It would be a much easier project for a beginner woodworker.

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