Free Bird House Plans
are Definitely
"For the Birds"!

With these free bird house plans, you can make attractive and "ornithologically designed" homes for your favorite birds!

Each plan is specific for a type of bird.  We started with the bluebird.

To learn more about the design considerations for each of the bluebird houses, click on the following:

Design elements for Chalet-style bluebird house;
Design factors for simple bluebird house.

Each of these woodworking plans have also been designed to be built using the Kreg pocket hole jig.

If you don't have this extraordinary tool yet, please click here to see why we are convinced that the pocket hole jig is an essential part of a woodworking beginner's tool set.

P.S.  We have also added to this page info. about a bird feeder plan.

This Bluebird House Plan is Simple!

These free bird house plans are for my easiest blue bird house.  There are only straight cuts, and only a few tools are needed.

Click here, or on the photo, to see if this is the right bluebird house plan for you.

Create This Charming Chalet-Style Blue Bird House.

This chalet-style bluebird house is more complicated than the one pictured above.  It requires the tools and skills to make both mitered cuts and beveled cuts.  BUT, it sure is a delightful birdhouse!

To visit this plan page, click on this link, or on the photo.

These free wall shelf plans are build using the pocket hole jig.

This Bird Feeder was One of the First Plans We Built!

We have built several of these bird feeders for gifts.  This is one of the free plans from Kreg Tool Company.

To read our review of this plan, and to get the link to obtain the free woodworking PDF, click here, or on the photo.


Check out the Bookshelf Plans!

If it is bookshelves you need,
check out our free book shelf plans
designed for the pocket hole jig.

Create more storage for your home
 with our free kreg cabinet plans.

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