These Free Bird Feeder Plans Go Together Fast with
Your Kreg Pocket Jig

These Kreg Tool Bird Feeder Plans are Rated for Beginner Woodworkers.

We have made many of the these bird feeders!  They make wonderful gifts!

With a little adult supervision, this project could be made by a child. Consider cutting the pieces of wood, and then having the child help you put it together. With the Kreg pocket jig, assembly is almost goof-proof.

If you make this bird feeder from cedar, you could have it assembled and ready to hang in one evening.

If you use the less expensive pine to make these free bird feeder plans, you need to plan for time to prime and paint. Those 2 steps could be done before you assemble the bird feeder using Kreg pocket screws.

The link to the Kreg Tool Company page,
where you can download
your free copy of this Kreg project plan,
is at the bottom of this page.

Listed Below are the Woodworking Tools Needed to Build This Birdfeeder.

These free Kreg plans require the following woodworking hand tools:

  • woodworking clamps;
  • tape measure;
  • pencil; and
  • kreg jig;

You will need the following woodworking power tools:

circular saw and drill.

If you use cedar for your bird feeder, you won't need to sand it.

As always, we strongly encourage you to wear safety glasses EVERY time you use the saw or drill.

The Following is a Materials List
for This Birdfeeder Plan.

  • (1) 1 inch by 6 inch 8 foot long cedar board;
  • (1) 1 inch by 2 inch 6 foot long cedar board;
  • (2) 6 3/4 inches by 10 1/2 inches 1/8 inch thick Plexi-Glass;
  • (20) 1 1/4 inch, coarse, “Blue-Kote Kreg pocket screws;"
  • (2) 1/2 inch screws (these will hold the wire); and
  • (2) feet of wire.

The Estimated Project Costs are Below.


The cost of the materials for making this bird feeder from cedar is approximately $15.00.

The cost of the materials using pine is approximately $10, not including the cost of paint, and painting supplies.

Ours was made from scrap wood from our shop. Because some of it was pine, we used interior/exterior polyurethane to protect it.

Our Hints, Tips and Recommendations.

These free Kreg plans are excellent.

With these free wood working plans you will be using several types of pocket hole joinery, so it is a great practice project!

The First Type of Pocket Hole Joinery is Edge Joining.

The next 3 photos show edge joining, which is both easy and fast with the Kreg pocket jig. You drill the pocket holes.

Clamp the 2 pieces to be joined together, making sure the edges are all flush. And then you drive the pocket screws.

The nice thing is you don't have to wait for the glue to dry as you do with other edge joining. You just take the next pieces, and keep right on assembling your bird feeder.

The Second Type of Pocket Hole Joinery is Edge Banding.

The next type of pocket hole joinery is called edge banding. This is particularly simple with these free Kreg plans because the corners of the edges are not mitered. In the following photo, three of the edge pieces have been attached with the Kreg pocket screws.

The Third Type is Right Angle Joining.

The third type of pocket hole joinery on these free bird feeder plans, is for right angles. This is the type of pocket hole joining you will use the most.

The sides are attached to the base, and the 2 roof pieces are connected with this type of pocket hole joint - right angle joinery.

Your Kreg Tool Birdfeeder is almost Complete.

With just a couple of more steps to add the plexiglass and the wire, your bird feeder is done and ready to use.

Your Birdfeeder is Ready to Hang.

We hung our bird feeder from a hook on a pole.

Take Some Time to Enjoy Your Guests!

It took just 15 minutes before our first guest arrived for lunch!

To Visit the Kreg Tool Company Website, Click on the Kreg Logo.

To go to the website for these free bird feeder plans, click here on the Kreg Tools logo.  Click on the "Get Inspired" tab at the top of the page, and then go to "Plans."

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