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Page 2 Shows You How to Assemble This Shaker Arched Bench.

All the pieces of your free bench plans are cut, including the Shaker style arches on the legs and the aprons.

Now the fun part - it is time to put it all together.

Page 1 Shows You How to Cut and Shape the Pieces of This Shaker Bench.

To go to page 1, click on this link, or on the photo.

You Are Ready to Set Up Your Kreg Jig.

Your next step is to drill the pocket holes using the 3/8" Kreg drill bit.  Set the pocket hole drill to 3/4", which is the thickness of all of the wood used in these free bench plans.

Next, you need to set up your pocket screw jig for 3/4 inch material.

If you are not confident how to do that, please review:

Almost all of our plans use 3/4" thick wood, so you may not need to change anything on your jig. But, the directions are easy to follow!

Drill Pocket Holes in the Aprons.

The arched aprons will have 4 pocket holes drilled to attach it to the top, and 2 pocket holes on each end drilled to attach the arch to the side pieces.

Drill Pocket Holes in the Legs.

The two side pieces of these free bench plans have only 2 pocket holes to attach them to the top.

You need to be sure that you drill these pocket holes inside of the line where the aprons will be attached.

Moving them in about 2 1/4 inches from the edge will work just fine.

We wished we would have finished
our Shaker styled arched bench
BEFORE it was assembled!
It would have been much easier!
  And a better result!

Learn more about finishing below.

The Next Step is to Create a Spacing Jig.

Before you assemble these free bench plans, it would be wise to make a spacing jig.

Cut a scrap of wood so that it is 7 1/2" wide. Place that spacer between the 2 aprons, and clamp it in place.

Using the Right Kreg Screws is Important!

Because we used pine to build these free bench plans, we needed to use the coarse thread, Kreg screws. And. because we are connecting 3/4" material, the correct length of the Kreg screw is 1 1/4".

If you cannot find the right Kreg screws in your area, click on the photo to buy them from Kreg Tool Company.

Double check that everything is square, and then drive your Kreg screws for each piece, using the square head screwdriver bit that came with your Kreg pocket screw jig.

Next Step is to Attach the Sides to the Aprons.

Align the bottom piece with the bottom of one of the side pieces.  Note the 3/8" setback.  Use the speed square to be sure all is square and straight.  Then drive the 2 pocket hole screws.

We don't show the Kreg right angle clamp in this photo, but, believe me, that clamp makes these right angle joints much easier and faster!

You Can Now Attach the Top.

Once your sides and aprons are secured with the kreg screws, you can mark the lines to center the top. Make a line 2 1/2" in from each of the short ends of the top. The base of your bench should fit between those 2 lines.

Clamp the base to the bench top, check it for square, and then drive the Kreg screws.

This Shaker Bench is Complete Except for  Finishing.

It looks good, and even looks better when painted or stained.

You Can Download the PDF for These Free Bench Plans.

Click on this link, or on the photo, to find the pdf for these Shaker furniture plans.

We hope you enjoy this little bench as much as we do!

Check Out How We Finished This Bench!

We finished our Shaker arched bench with brown wood dye and barn red milk paint.

If you would like to see the steps in that process, click here.

Finishing the bench would have been much easier if it had been done before assembly!


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