DIY Hanger Rack!
Super Easy to Make!

Difficulty Level for DIY Hanger Rack: Beginner

This super easy clothes hanger rack is part of the laundry room makeover at

It turned out to be such a fantastic improvement in my laundry room, I decided to make it available here, too.  Between the laundry ladder rack and this diy hanger rack, taking the clothes out of the dryer is no longer such a dreaded chore.

I wish I would have made one for every laundry room I ever had!!!

Spend an hour building, and save hours of wrestling with tangled hangers!

This link,
as well as the one on the photo,
will open in a new window.

Clothes Hanger Rack Was
Made to Match Laundry Ladder Rack.

The hanger rack plan, which is made of only 3 pieces of wood, was made to match the laundry ladder rack.  Both of these plans have made the laundry room more user friendly!

Visit the page about the laundry ladder rack
by clicking on this link, or on the photo.

This Kreg Towel Bar Plan
Also Matches the DIY Hanger Rack!

The Kreg towel bar plan was made first.  It was made from the same scrap wood as the DIY hanger rack, and the laundry ladder rack.  Because scrap wood was used, all three of these pieces cost me less than $20!  And all 3 get used daily!

To see the towel bar plan,
click on the photo, or this link.


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