Design Elements for
DIY Bluebird House Plan.

Bluebird House Designed Both "For the Birds" and for People!

The design considerations for this diy bluebird house plan were a little different than the first one.

I love the charm of the Chalet-style bird!  However, when you add angled roofs, you know it will not be as simple as a plan that has all square cuts.

Even though not as simple as my first plan, this plan still has all of the "ornithogically correct" features to make a great home for a blue bird family.

To visit the plan page for the Chalet-style bluebird house (this is the design page), click on this link.  On that page you will also find a link to a free, downloadable woodworking PDF for this diy bluebird house.

This Bluebird House Plan Is a Mite More Complicated!

My goal is to keep our woodworking plans as simple as possible.

This plan for a chalet-style roof is as simple as possible while incorporating that element.

The DIY Bluebird House Plan Needed to Keep Out the Rain!

The large roof keeps out the rain.  The extra top piece covers the seam between the two roof pieces.  Caulk was also used to seal the space between the two slanted roof pieces.

With the slanted roof the rain will automatically drip off.

The large overhang at the front and back keeps the water from dripping into the nesting box.

The third design element is an inset floor.  The floor sits 1" above the bottom of the sides, so that capillary action will not draw water from the sides into the nesting area.

DIY Bluebird House Needs Drainage.

It may not be possible to keep all of the rain out of the bird house.  A drainage system needs to be part of the planning.

The floor of this blue bird house has drainage holes cut across each corner.

All Bluebird Houses Need Adequate Ventilation!

If the heat that builds up on a hot summer day cannot escape from the blue bird house, the baby birds could die.

Three design elements were included to address the issue of excessive heat.

This plan includes a gap between the sides and the roof for the hot air to escape.  None of the photos show this gap, but it is there!

Ventilation holes were also drilled near the top of the back piece.

Lastly, the plan incorporates a larger size floor, giving the fledglings more room to spread out, and stay cool.  The floor of this plan measures 5 1/2 " wide by 8 1/4" deep.

The Design Needed to Address Predator Issues!

After all the work of getting the eggs laid, and the baby birds hatched, we do not want them to be killed or eaten by predators.

This diy bluebird house includes a predator guard at the opening, basically making the entrance hole 1 1/2" deep.  This makes it more difficult for other birds to reach in, and it makes it more difficult for the squirrels to chew a wider opening to gain access.

This design also puts the floor 7" away from the bottom of hole, making it more difficult for other predators to reach in and grab the baby blue birds.

Inhibiting predation is huge! Other predators, such as snakes and raccoons, need to be kept away from the blue bird house by proper placement of the house, and by some baffles along the pole.

A "Fledgling Ladder" Needs to be Part of the Design.

A fledgling ladder is a built in way for the baby birds to climb up to the hole when it is time to leave the nest.

The narrow slits on the inside of the front piece is for just that purpose.

There a many other options that could be used to accomplish the same purpose, such as gluing popsicle sticks horizontally on the area between the floor and the opening.

The Entrance Hole Size
on the
DIY Bluebird House Plan
is Important!

A 1 1/2" diameter round hole seems to be what most say is the right size for both the Eastern and Western blue bird.

If you are building for the Mountain bluebird the hole should a little larger.  Some say increase it by 1/8" to  a 1 5/8" hole, and some say increase it by 1/16" to a 1 9/16" hole.

Being Able to Clean Out the Bluebird House is Crucial!

Taking out the old nesting material is important if you want more than one batch of baby blue birds.

You may also need to open the blue bird house to address any blowfly larvae problems.

This diy bluebird house plan makes "clean out" easy.

This plan includes a front panel that swivels down so that the bird house can be easily cleaned out.  It also includes a pin that keeps the clean out door closed.

Build It With Screws, Not Nails or Staples!

Birdhouses built with nails or staples tend to loosen up over time.  Birdhouses built with screws are more likely to stay sturdy.

Building with pocket holes screws also makes the bird house more sturdy.  The screws connect the two pieces at an angle, so they are less likely to pull out.

Also, all of the pocket hole screws are on the inside or the underside of the bird house, so there is less exposure to rain.

These Free Plans are Available Here!

Click here, or on the photo, to see each step of building.

This page will also give you the link the free, downloadable PDF woodworking plan.

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This is How My Simplest Bluebird House Looks!

This diy bluebird house is simple because it has all straight cut, with no bevel cuts and no miter cuts.  This is a great project for a beginner woodworker.

To visit the page about this plan, which includes free, downloadable woodworking PDF, click here, or on the photo.

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