Console Table Plans
from the
Kreg Tool Company.

You Can Build This Console Table!

These console table plans have a simple design with a whole lot of functionality!  Whether you use this table as a TV stand, behind the sofa, or in the entry way, you will find it very useful.

The top is 45 1/2" long and 18 1/4" deep.  The height is 35 and 3/4" inches.  The open shelf at the bottom gives a lot of room for decorative displays or space to keep books handy.

With these detailed plans from Kreg Tool Company, you can build this table!

You can buy this plan from the Kreg Tool Company.  It is also one of the 10 FREE plans you receive when you purchase the Kreg DIY Project Kit.

To learn more about the Kreg DIY Project Kit, you have two options:

1.  Click on the link above which takes you to Kreg Tool; or

2.  Click here to see OUR review of this set of tools for the woodworking beginner. (P.S. We recommend it!)

The plan is very detailed, including step-by-step, colorful diagrams.  As with all the plans produced by Kreg Tool Company, it also includes a complete materials list, cutting diagrams, and numerous tips.

The link to purchase your own copy
of this console table plan
  is at the bottom of the page.
It will take you to the Kreg Tool Company website.

Woodworking Tools Needed to Build These Console Table Plans.

This woodworking plan from Kreg Tool Company requires only a few tools. The woodworking HAND tools are:

  • Kreg jig;
  • woodworking clamps;
  • hammer;
  • tape measure; and
  • pencil.

Always make sure you wear your safety glasses when using your saws or drills.

You will need the following woodworking POWER tools:

miter saw or jig saw (for straight cuts), circular saw and drill.

An electric sander would be easier than hand sanding, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Here is a List of the Materials for This Kreg Jig Plan.

Materials Needed To Build Kreg Table:

  • (1) 48" x 48" x 3/4" thick sheet of plywood;
  • (3) 96" long 1x2 boards;
  • (1) 72" long 1x3 boards;
  • (2) 96" long 1x3 boards;
  • (4) 36" long 2x2 boards;
  • (90) 1 1/4 inch coarse Kreg screws.

(You may not be able to find the screws at your local hardware or big box store.  By clicking on the photo of the screws, you can buy them directly from the Kreg Tool Company.)

Have You Seen This Kreg DVD about Building Tables?

We have watched this DVD several times, and each time learn something new.  If you want to design your own table using Kreg jig joinery, this DVD would be a worthwhile investment!

The Approximate Costs to Build This Kreg Table are Below.


To build these console table plans from a sanded pine plywood, your costs would be approximately $78, not including the cost of your finishing materials.

You may have to buy a full sheet of plywood, but will only use 1/2 of it for this Kreg table.

Check Out
our Hints, Tips and Recommendations!

We recommend you read the plan through before starting, and then review the Project Notes at every stage of building.  The "Project Notes" and "DIY Tips" are very helpful.

This plan uses two types of pocket hole joinery:  right angle - which is what you use most of the time; and edge joinery - used here to add the finished edge to the console table top.

If you didn't buy the Kreg DIY Project Kit (this plan is Free with that kit), the purchase price of $7 for this plan is well worth it, especially if this is one of your first projects.

Visit the Kreg Tool Company Website to Get Your Plans.

To go to the website for these Kreg console table plans, click here, on the Kreg Tools logo.

Then click on the "Products" tab at the top of the page, and then go to "Education and Apparel."  Your last click is on "Product Plans."  There you can see all of the plans you can purchase from Kreg Tool Company, including this plan.

After purchase, you will receive a download code via email. The email will direct you back to the Kreg Tool Company website, where you can enter your code to download the plan.

It's very simple!  We have done it a bunch of times!

Check Out Some of the
FREE Plans
for the Kreg Jig!

We Have Created Other Table Plans to Build With Your Kreg Jig.

To see more table plans that you can build with your Kreg Jig, click on this link, or on the photo above.

Check Out Some of the FREE Plans from the Kreg Tool Company!

Click on this link, or on the photo, to review some of the FREE plans you can get from the Kreg Tool Company.

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