Building Drawer Boxes is Easy!

Yes, you can build your own drawer boxes!  Whether building kitchen cabinets, a bathroom vanity, or chest of drawers, check out how simple building drawer boxes can be.

Make a Drawer
Where No Pocket Holes Will Show!

This page will definitely give you confidence for building drawer boxes!  It shows you step-by-step how to cut the pieces, place the pocket holes, and assembly your final drawer box.

Click here or on the photo to learn more.

What Size Kreg Jig Should You Use?

The regular Kreg pocket hole jig and 3/4" plywood will make very strong, and durable drawers.

But the Kreg Micro Jig will allow you to use 1/2" plywood.

Click on this link or on the photo to help you decide.

Build Drawers for Furniture!

You can make all kinds of furniture once you are comfortable building drawer boxes.  Are you ready to try a chest of drawers?

To see how the drawers
were made for these end tables,
click here or on the photo.

The Kreg micro jig works great for building drawers.


The Kreg micro jig allows you to build a drawer with 1/2" wood without worrying about splitting the wood when you drive the pocket hole screws.

The primary advantage is that you preserve as much drawer space as possible by using 1/2" wood.

The Kreg micro jig works the same as your regular pocket hole jig, except that everything is slightly smaller.  When you purchase the micro jig it comes with the smaller Kreg drill bit.

Build kitchen island cart including a drawer, and other storage space.

This Kitchen Island Cart
Plan Includes a Drawer.

These Kreg plans are some of our most practical and popular, because of the variety of storage included.  Also, because this is a rolling kitchen cart, it is a very versatile piece when your kitchen is super busy.

Click here or on the photo
to visit this pocket hole jig plan.

Free drawer plans are included in the woodworking plan PDF for this rolling kitchen island cart.  The link for the free download of the PDF is at the bottom of the plan page.

The Kreg Jig CD Has This Desk Plan
With Two Types of Drawers.

If you are looking for plans with drawers, this plan may be helpful.

You can read our review of this Kreg desk plan by clicking on this link.

Or you can learn more about the CD by clicking on the Amazon link.

Check Out Some
More Kreg Jig Plans!

Leave "Build A Drawer"
to see how to build a cabinet
with your pocket hole jig.

Check Out the Wooden Wall Shelf Plans.

Wooden wall shelves are a great way
for a woodworking beginner
to get started with the Kreg pocket hole jig.

Build a Step Stool!

Without a doubt, our most popular category is "Step Stool Plans".

You can build a wooden step stool with 1 step, 2 steps or 3 steps.

You can build one with two handles, like in the photo, or with one handle.

To see all of your options, click here or on the photo.

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This Kreg DVD Shows Another Way to Build Drawers!

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