Build Your Own Desk
With These
Kreg Jig Plans.

This Desk Plan Includes Two Types of Drawers.

The PDF for these build your own desk plans is 18 pages long!   It is very detailed and has many diagrams that make understanding each step of the process easier.  The plan was designed to be made from solid maple, but could be made from pine as well.  One great benefit of this plan is that it shows you how to make two types of drawers with your Kreg jig.

These Kreg desk plans are not designed for the beginner woodworking.  The legs are tapered.  The edges are routed. There is a decorative kerf cut into the bottom of the aprons.  The edges of the top are curved.  All of these extras, which give the desk character, require more than basic tools and another level of skill to get them right.  See how we would simplify these plans so YOU could build them - in the Hints, Tips and Recommendations section below.

These desk plans are one of the 15 plans included on the "Pocket Hole Project Plans CD."

(Photo courtesy of Kreg Tool Company, and is subject to copyright protection.)

The Kreg CD With These Desk Plans is Available from Amazon.

This CD has 15 pocket hole woodworking plans, one of which is these build your own desk plans.  The others include a chair, a simple wall shelf, a BBQ serving table, a workbench and much more. Some of these plans would be suitable for the beginner woodworker, and some are for a more experienced furniture maker!

Woodworking HAND Tools Needed to Build Your Own Desk.

This Kreg jig table plan requires just a few basic hand tools:

  • Kreg jig;
  • woodworking clamps;
  • compass;
  • tape measure; and
  • pencil.

The Woodworking Power Tools Needed.

If you build these desk plans exactly as written, you will need the following woodworking POWER tools:

  • circular saw (or table saw);
  • planer;
  • router: and
  • drill.

If you simplify this build your own desk plan, which would not be difficult to do, you can get by with just the saw and the drill!  Except for making the drawers, which would require a router or a table saw.

For finishing a project of this size, an electric sander would be  necessary.

Always make sure you wear your safety glasses when using any of your power tools.

Here is a List of the Materials for This Kreg Jig Plan.

Materials Needed To Build Kreg Desk:

The "Bill of Materials" included in this plan is not a shopping list - i.e. it does not tell you what you need to buy or have in stock to build it.  It just gives you the dimensions needed to cut each piece.

It also shows some of the wood needing to be planed to the right size.

SO, we cannot give you a Materials List, like we usually do. . . .

We do know that you will need both 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" pocket hole screws to build your own desk.  If you are making this from maple, as called for in the plan, you will need to use fine threaded screws.  If you make it from pine, as discussed in the Hints section below, the thread will need to be coarse.

(You may not be able to find the screws at your local hardware or big box store.  By clicking on the photo of the screws, you can buy them directly from the Kreg Tool Company.)

The Approximate Costs to Build Your Own Desk?


Normally we give you some idea of the costs.  For these build your own desk plans, we are unable to do that.

We don't have a materials list to start with, AND the costs would be immensely different if your used pine versus hard maple.

Check Out
our Hints, Tips and Recommendations!

Without a planer or a router, it would be difficult to build these Kreg desk plans as designed. But, if you have those, this would be a great plan for you.

However, this plan still has significant value!  The basic approach to creating a desk is good, and can be simplified by:

  • Using pine which is softer and more forgiving than maple;
  • Using straight legs (this will not affect the dimensions);
  • not routing all the edges:
  • Omitting the decorative kerf around the apron; and
  • Making the sides of the top come straight down, so you don't have the fancy curved cut.

The basic construction and dimensions will be the same.  And the whole project could be completed with only the following power tools:   a circular saw, jig saw and drill.  With the exception of the drawer boxes - these would require a table saw or router to cut the 1/4" grooves for the bottom of the drawer to slide into.  See our Build a Drawer section for other ways to build drawers that do not require a groove.

Placement of the pocket hole screws is crucial with this plan.  If not planned ahead of time, you could have the screws for the final step blocked by earlier screws.

For making the desk top and the upper shelves holding the small drawers, you will be doing some edge joining, so a Kreg Face Clamp would be very helpful. 

The Kreg Right Angle Clamp would help make the desk base and the top drawer section go together more easily. 


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