Yes, You Can
Build Your Own Cabinets!

Build Your Own Cabinets for the Garage or Laundry Room.


These free, easy, woodworking plans are to build your own cabinets to hang on the wall. Once you build a wall cabinet, you will have developed some of the skills necessary to build base cabinets as well.

These free Kreg plans leave the front edges exposed, so these are not finely finished cabinets. But they would work wonderfully for the garage, your shop or utility room. As you progress with your wood worker skills, you will learn how to make face frames, and fancier doors and drawers.

These free Kreg plans let you can choose whether to add the door to the top section, and a drawer for the bottom section.

The link to download your copy of these free Kreg plans
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It will take you to the Kreg Tool Company website.


These free Kreg plans require the following woodworking hand tools:

  • tape measure;
  • pencil;
  • Kreg pocket jig;
  • woodworking clamps>

As soon as you can afford it, we recommend the Kreg face frame clamp

You will need only the following wood working power tools:
Circular saw and drill.

PLEASE wear your safety glasses every time you use any of your woodworking power tools while you build your own cabinets!

Electric sanders will help you finish your wood working project more quickly. BUT, if you don't have one, enjoy the textures and smell of the wood as you hand sand your cabinets.


  • (1) 1” x 4” by 4” long pine or poplar board;
  • (1) 2 foot x 4 foot 1/4” plywood
  • (3) 2 foot x 4 foot 3/4” thick MDF board or plywood;
  • (1) doorhandle or doorknob;
  • (1) pair partial wrap 1/4” overlay hinges;
  • (30) 1/ 1/4” coarse pocket-hole screws; and
  • (20) small finishing nails.

If you can fit a 4' by 8' sheet into your vehicle, that may be a cheaper option than (3) 2' x 4' pieces of MDF. Also, you will have a 2' x 4' piece remaining. If your car will only hold a 4' by 4' piece, the big box stores will usually cut a 4' by 8' sheet into two pieces. Those cuts may not be as accurate as the ones you cut yourself, though.

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Learn about selecting
the right plywood for these free Kreg plans.

Improve Your Cabinet Making Skills With this Kreg DVD!

This cabinet making DVD shows you how to build your own cabinets using your Kreg Jig.  If it helps you avoid even one mistake, it is well worth the cost!  And if it gives you confidence to start that cabinet making project, it is worth a whole lot more!


The cost of the materials to build your own cabinet is approximately $55.


The only pocket hole joint you will use is the right angle joint.


The woodworking jigs that will give you the best results are:

We encourage you to make and use the woodworking jigs to achieve the best results, save you a ton of money, and a heap of frustration!


Mark 54 3/4 inches from the right end of your 4 X 8 sheet. of plywood. Align your plywood cutting jig just to the left of your marks, so that your blade will be cutting along the line. Double check that your jig is square to the plywood, and then use your circular saw to cut across 4 feet.

The door is shown to be cut from the 3/4 inch thick MDF board on these free, easy, woodworking plans. You could take the quality of this piece up a notch by making both the door and the drawer front from 1/2 inch plywood.

Before cutting your plywood or mdf sheets according to the cutting diagram on the free Kreg plans, check out the plywood cutting jigs. Your cuts will be much more accurate, and your assembly of the cabinet so much easier.

You will have 3 horizontal pieces that you will drill 6 pocket holes into. When you are attaching those pieces to the sides, make sure that the pocket holes for the top horizontal piece face up. AND, that the pocket holes for the two bottom pieces face down.

Making a 5 inch spacing jig will make it easy for you to connect the horizontal piece in the right place, and completely square with the rest of the cabinet.

To learn how to build drawers
using your Kreg pocket jig, click here.

Drawer Option for These Free Kreg Plans.

The Kreg Wall Cabinet plans show a drawer that could be added to this cabinet. If you do buy a 4' x 8' sheet of MDF, you will have enough material remaining to build the drawer. Kreg does not give you the dimensions or a cutting diagram for the drawer.

You will need to make your drawer to fit the inside dimensions of the open shelf of your cabinet. The height of the drawer will need to be little less than 5”. The sides will be 12” long.

The front and back of the drawer will need to 18” (the outside width of the cabinet) less 1 1/2” for the sides of the cabinet, for a maximum of 16 1/2” long.

But your back and front pieces will be inside the sides of the drawer, so they will need to be 16 ½” less 1 1/2” for a total of 15” long.

You may want to leave a 1/4” space on each side of the drawer to make moving the drawer in and out easier. Your front and back pieces of the drawer would then be 14 and 1/2 inches wide.

The finished drawer front can be the same width of the cabinet – 18”. The height of the finished drawer front will need to be 5 3/4” - 5” for the drawer space, and 3/4” to cover the bottom piece of the cabinet.

We are not kidding, when we say that once you build one cabinet, you are going to need to build others. Here's the proof! Even before we had the Kreg wall cabinet hung, we had to make another one. Not a problem, though. All the subsequent cabinets go together more smoothly.

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You Can Reface
Your Kitchen Cabinets
Using the Kreg Jig!

Click on this link, or on the photo, to see how one homeowner redid their kitchen cabinets!

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