The Kreg DIY Kit is Designed for Woodworking Beginners!

This Kreg DIY kit is designed by the Kreg Tool Company to get woodworking beginners BUILDING with confidence.  I laughed when I saw it the first time because it had 3 of the elements we had identified as problems when we first started, and one we had realized later as we began designing our own plans.

When you read below you will realize why we, without equivocation or hesitation, recommend the Kreg DIY Project Kit for anyone who wants to build their own shelving, furniture, storage, etc.

The First Problem:
  Joining Wood Pieces Together Was Too Complicated.

When I first learned of the Kreg pocket hole jig, I bought it immediately.  I knew that it would make our goals of building our own furniture possible.  To see all of the reasons why I, and my woodworking business partner - Ben, were completely sold, please go to our Kreg Jig page.  We listed 9 reasons for buying the Kreg Jig, starting with "It's Simple!" and "It's Affordable!".

Ben has been using the Kreg jig building the plans available on our site for 5 years, plus many more Kreg jig projects that we haven't put on the site.  It is one of the most used tools in his shop!

The Kreg jig R4 is the most basic of the Kreg Jigs, but it will get the woodworking beginner started with fast and easy joinery.  It solves the problem!  After you see how well it works, you can upgrade to the Kreg Jig K4 or K5, if you want. 

My brother-in-law does astounding carpentry trim work with the Kreg Jig R4.  He is so comfortable with it he doesn't want to change to a different version.

Second Problem:
  How Do You Get the Cut Straight?

It doesn't take long to realize that if you don't get the cuts straight, you will waste alot of wood, and YOU WILL BE VERY FRUSTRATED!  You might even want to give up. . . .

Because we ran into this problem ourselves, one of the first pages we added to our website was Wood Working Jigs.  On that page you will see a whole section of woodworking cutting jigs that you could make yourself.  Just like the Kreg jig makes joining so much easier and with better results, the cutting jigs make cutting so much easier and with better results.

Kreg Tool Company has solved this problem by adding a cutting jig to this set for the woodworking beginner!  It is fantastic!  And much, much easier than making your own.

Third Problem:
  Where Do You Find Good Plans?

This whole website was built around this problem!  Where do you find good plans that you know will work?

We started by building some of the free plans from the Kreg Tool Company website.  To see all of those plans that we have built, go to our page, Kreg Tool Plans -1.

As we got more confident we started designing and building our own Kreg jig plans.  You can find those plans at our pages, Our Kreg Plans -1, and Our Kreg Plans -2.  All of these plans are free!

Kreg Tool Company also solves this problem by including in this Kreg DIY Kit, 10 FREE downloadable plans.

When you purchase this Kreg DIY Kit, you will have available:

11 free plans on the Kreg Tool Company plans page;

10 free plans you receive with your new Kreg tools; and

15 or more free plans on Start With Free Woodworking Plans.

Build a few of the free plans, and soon you will find yourself customizing other plans, or designing your own from scratch!

Fourth Problem:
How Do You Get The Shelves Even?

None of the kreg jig plans we started with had adjustable shelves, so we did not know this was a problem.  UNTIL we started building cabinets and fancier bookcases.  And there is nothing like a wobbly shelf to make an otherwise perfect project look bad.

Kreg Tool Company has solved this problem by including the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig in this kit.  The versatility of adjustable shelves is most appreciated!  And this jig gives you the confidence that you can make the shelves level!

Some of the free plans included in the Kreg DIY Kit also call for adjustable shelves, so you will have opportunity to practice with this tool right away.

Problems Solved With Kreg DIY Kit!

Our mission in setting up this website was to help complete woodworking novices and beginner woodworkers have the knowledge and confidence to start their own woodworking projects!

The Kreg DIY Kit puts into your hands the tools and plans to help accomplish that mission.  The immediate value is high, and the lifelong value of building your own woodworking projects is immeasurable!

We recommend the Kreg DIY Kit to any woodworking beginner!

Check Out the Plans
That Come With
The Kreg DIY Kit!

You Can Build This Wall Shelf!

This wall shelf plan is a great one for the complete woodworking novice!  Click on this link, or on the photo, to see our review of this plan.

One of the Plans in the Kreg DIY Kit is this Computer Desk.

We downloaded this plan with every intention to build it.  It has a much smaller footprint, only 2" deep and 4" wide, than the FREE plan above.  It has a simple design with a bit of edginess to it!  It is very functional, and creates a significant amount of storage space.  The plan itself is first-rate, with step-by-step illustrations, cutting diagrams, materials list, etc.

This plan comes FREE with the Kreg DIY Project Kit - a great value!  Or you can purchase it from the Kreg Tool Company website for $7.

To see our review of this plan, click on this link or the photo above.

You Can Build This Kitchen Island Cart Plan!

Click on this link, or on the photo, to see our review of this plan from the Kreg Tool Company.

This plan comes FREE with the Kreg DIY Project Kit - a great value!  Or you can purchase it from the Kreg Tool Company website for $7.

You Can Build This Coffee Table.

To see our review of this Kreg coffee table plan, click on the photo.  Or, you may click on this link.

This coffee table plan is one of the FREE plans you receive as part of the Kreg DIY Project Kit - a great value!  Or you can purchase it from the Kreg Tool Company website for $7.

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