With These Free Wood Working Plans and Just a Few Tools, You Can Successfully
Build These Projects!

TO All Beginner Woodworkers:
'Start With Free Wood Working Plans'
will lead you to success for your wood working projects!


By simplifying the process with the pocket screw jig, AND other woodworking jigs. These jigs will make measuring, cutting and assembly very doable for even the complete woodworking novice!

Section One:  Use this site to learn more about the tools to make your projects easier and faster.

Section Two:  AND take advantage of the many free pocket hole plans we have available!

Section One:
Learn About the Tools!

The Best Place To Start is To Learn Why We Chose the Kreg Jig!

We have been using the Kreg Jig K4 for over 5 years!  It is a great tool!

Click here to learn why we are so sold on this pocket hole system for beginner woodworkers.

Section Two:
 Plans!  Plans! Plans!
All for the Kreg Jig!

We Have Developed Many of Our Own Plans - Especially for Woodworking Beginners!

You can be successful immediately by building from one of our plans, including the end tables at the top of the page.

Click here to check out our bench plans, blanket chest plans, mission table plans, and much more.

We Have Even More Plans!

Would you like to build an onion bin, a clothes hamper, some bookshelves?  We have those plans and much more!

Click here to check those out, too.

Kreg Tool Company Has Created Some Wonderful Plans, too!

And we have built many of them!  Check out plans for a workbench, toy box, bird feeder, desk and more!

Click here or on the photo to explore the Kreg Tool Company plans!

Take a Look At Some
More of Our Plans!

You can Build This Shaker Step Stool With Handle Using Our Kreg Plans!

This is definitely a favorite! We have built more of these Shaker step stools than any other, and continue to get requests for them.

The handle serves two purposes:
1. It allows you to easily move the step stool without bending down; and
2. It helps to stabilize you as you are stepping up!

These free wood project plans are a little more difficult than our other step stool plans, but with our photos and diagrams, YOU can build them!

Click on this link on the photo to go straight to these Kreg plans.

With Pocket Hole Joinery You Can Make This Blanket Chest!

These blanket chest plans were designed for a beginner woodworker. Constructed of solid pine panels and assembled with pocket hole joinery, this blanket chest can be ready for finishing in just one week-end. So, pull out the Kreg jig, a circular saw, your drill, and a minimal number of woodworking hand tools. You will soon have created a durable and useful storage chest for yourself, or for a gift.

Click here or on the photo to reach our blanket chest plan page.

Make This Window Bench Using the Kreg Jig!

These free plans for woodworking were specially designed for the Kreg pocket hole jig. We decided to use this bench in the living room, but it could be used in entryway or laundry room.

Click on this link on the photo to see how easy it would be for you to build this window bench with just a few tools and a little bit of time!

Each of these Kreg plans are built using the Kreg pocket hole jig. When we started, we purchased the Kreg K4MS Jig Master System which costs about $140. This set has everything you need to get started making your own furniture NOW!

You Can Make This Bookcase!

This pocket screw bookcase is made with solid pine and Kreg pocket hole screws. Your family will find many places to use this small footprint bookshelf.

Click on this link on the photo to go to the page for these free wood working plans.

You Can Build Your Own Cabinets

This Kreg wall cabinet is a great project to learn about the use of the pocket hole joint. When it is completed, you will have made an excellent storage space.

A click on this link on the photo will take you to these free Kreg plans.

'Start With Free Woodworking Plans' is for the INEXPERIENCED, just like we were not too long ago. Our plans assume you know nothing about woodworking! We show you every step from beginning to end.

Our free wood working plans take you from pre-school through at least 2nd grade. After building just a few of our projects, you will be designing, laying out, and building wood working projects from your own plans!

Our GOAL is to remove every obstacle and collect every resource needed for you to successfully build each of our free wood working plans.

JIGS, JIGS, AND MORE JIGS! To meet that goal, we need to introduce you to the concept of JIGS! No, we are not talking about dancing. In woodworking, jigs are tools:

that simplify building; that make a step in the process more accurate; that allow you to accurately duplicate a step many times; and that help to keep you safe.

The use of jigs will give you the confidence to say, “Hey, I can do that!” Our FREE wood working plans will show you how to use the necessary jigs.

You may not be able to draw a straight line, but with the right jig, you will be able to use a circular saw to CUT a straight line.

You may feel like you're all thumbs when trying to assemble something, but with the right jig you will have your pieces quickly connected, and – SURPRISE, SURPRISE -, they will be “square”, too.

You may not have confidence in your measuring skills, but with the right wood working jig, you will be able to get each piece of your project in the exact, right spot.


For you to build your wood working project with confidence, you need to know that you can build it safely! We take safety very seriously! It will be emphasized, encouraged and repeated throughout our plans. Safe habits are demonstrated, and the rationale behind the safe practices explained.

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